July 12, 2012

5 months

Half way through the year, where on earth has time gone?

Here's a look at what I've been up to since I last blogged ...

I've been learning how to draw too. I've always been interested in art journalling but my neat streak restricts my ability to make the necessary mess on paper so I purchased these two books today hoping I can get over it! "Wreck this Journal" is going to be a challenge but I'm up for it. Follow the link below and you will see photos of people dragging their book in the street, all in the name of ruining it I suspect, I think some of the challenges requires busting the spine and wrapping it in tape and posting it to yourself! Should be fun and was only $10 from Book Depositary. My other purchase is Drawing Lab to help spark imagination and learn to draw fictitious characters and animals. There's also a Flickr group for Drawing Lab where readers add their artwork so I cant wait to try the exercises.