January 9, 2012

Inchie Paradise

I don't meant to alarm anyone with 3 posts in one week but creativity comes in spurts, I'm sure you understand. This little Saffron container makes a great Inchie project. So good in fact I think I need to stock up on Saffron. If you've never heard of Inchies and would like to learn more about them, PaperCraftCentral have a great tell-all article.

I started by using a 1" punch and cutting out various backgrounds from good quality magazines.
In most of my magazine projects I use Shop Til You Drop and Real Living magazines because the paper is thick quality, has lots of tiny images, lots of colour, vintage and odds and ends to cut out.

 I gathered appropriately sized images and words

Cut and paste and voila ...

So much fun!


Tanya said...

Love these! So creative - a new collage inspiration. Thanks for sharing...

shirley said...

Great idea! I love inchies.
Thanks for the link.