October 29, 2011

Magazine Recycling

I love to use magazines for collaging. My favourite magazines to use are Shop Til You Drop and Real Living, mainly because they have lots of smaller, individual images of products, accessories, decorator items, people, household items and the like which make for ideal cutting and pasting, plus they are also printed on quality paper. I spend more time imagining the use of the magazine images in craft than I do actually reading.!

My first post Magazine ATCs is an example of how I like to use magazines but I often fall into the trap of trying to make my collage neat and tidy and it kinda defeats the purpose! I need to learn how to drop the neat freak side of me.

I stumbled on an Artist who makes the most amazing collage canvas work using magazines. Derek Gores. Where would you begin making something like this? Love it. His work is stunning, he has even done a collage for his own BIO. What talent! I wonder where you'd begin to create something like this? Perhaps if you started with a photo you took, drew a sketch and then filled in the image to form the collage. Might try my hand at one when I have some spare time.!

October 27, 2011

Crowabout Week 135

A while ago I joined the Crowabout group on Flickr which is a challenge group where they post a free collage sheet to print and create some collage with. I was always daunted by the large journal pages and pieces people created so never really created much. This week I decided to shrink things down to my comfy ATC size and participate. So easy working within my comfort zone. I actually printed off two versions, one A4 size and one A6. Here's what I came up with...

If you'd like to join the group head over to

October 26, 2011

Stamp Storage

I found these super cute storage tubs at Ikea yesterday for $3.99 each which store the Darkroom Door stamps beautifully. I've got 11 in here which makes them easy to browse through but they would hold 12 at a squeeze. Would look great on a bookshelf all lined up and the plastic is sturdy quality.

Here's a link to the Ikea product

October 23, 2011

This and that ..

I have a slight addiction to gorgeous 6x6 paper pads. I never seem to have enough of them even though I never manage to use them all before I tire of the colours. I bought the new Kaiser Bonjour pad yesterday and whipped up this greeting card this morning

Last week I travelled to NSW for a short break and while I was there attended the Pages 2 Scrap Retreat at the luxurious Kooindah Waters Golf Resort. For an entire weekend I didn't manage to create an awful lot but it was great all the same. Rachel was teaching a class and being the model student I am here are my creations from her class..

I bought these cut tiny Visual Diaries from Riot Art for a grand total of $1.50. They come in black or white pages and just the perfect size for fitting one ATC on each page of 6 Inchies. As I wanted to travel light for the Retreat it was a great opportunity to start working on this little book full off odds and ends with no particular theme ... just to try different stamps, papers, techniques etc.

Until next time .....