September 1, 2011

Free Inchie Printables

I'm on the hunt for some printable images to use on Trading Cards and Inchies and stumbled upon a few great finds so I thought I'd share the links.

These ones shared from

Even though this next one is a Halloween theme, the images still lend themselves to make some great Inchies

Wackystuff on flickr shared some words

Constancet2009, again from Flickr some awesome bottles
 And if you dont mind parting with a few dollars, check out these gorgeous tiny images by PictureMerchants which I think are designed for scrabble tiles but I think would be great on Inchies. She has a few editions so check out her shop.

1 comment:

shirley said...

These look great Michelle...thanks for the link and your lovely comments on my blog. :)