September 18, 2011

ATC Frenzy

Some very simple ATCs I made recently using Darkroom Door Background Stamps and Distress Inks for the backgrounds.

Leave me a comment here (or on the corresponding Darkroom Door blog post) stating your two favourite ATCs and I'll draw one random person Friday 23rd September who will be posted the two cards they like the most (worldwide is fine!).

The Darkroom Door background stamps I used are:

1st Row L to R
2nd Row L to R
French Script & Splatter
French Script
Weathered Stripes
3rd Row L to R
Word Block Journey
Word Block Christmas
French Script
4th Row L to R


Lovely Linda said...

Hello Michelle - I have come across from Darkroom Door - thank you so much for the opportunity to win two of those - impossible to choose - I love them all - I would love a surprise if I should win!! Thank you for the opportunity! {{{hugs}}}

Anonymous said...

Frangipani and Flourish are my two favorites. I found your blog thru the Flickr ATC group. Love your artwork! I'm just getting into ATC (paper and fabric)....they are so much fun!

Zibelline said...

Hi Michelle,

If I really have to pick only two favs (cuz they are all fantastic), I say Row 1 -#4, and Row 2 - #3. I would LOVE to win!!

Zibelline aka Sue Trocke (from Flickr)

Ellie said...

Hi Michelle!

They are all gorgeous!
But if I may choose, I'd go for the two in the second row no 2 and 3!!

Batraplume said...

Great series! I love the Darkroom doors stamps. I don't have any... yet! ;-)
My two favorite ATCs are Floral (friendship tree) and Frangipani (welcome home).
Thanks for sharing!

Aisling said...

Ooooooh, they are gorgeous! Really difficult to choose only two... My favourites are the yellow/red butterfly (2nd row n°2) and 'Look right here' (3th row - n° 4). But I also adore The tree in the top row and the house in the 3rd row!

Flamand said...

Quelle générosité ! Ces atc sont superbes, j'adore spécialement Floral (1st row) and Frangipane (3rd row). I would love to win, thank you so much.

Joy said...

Beautiful set!! I've moseyed over here from Flickr. My two favorites are the tree with the green background and the house.

shirley said...

Love them all Michelle!
If I HAVE to pick two it would be 1st row no.4
2nd row no.2

CynthiaP said...

I love your Prague card--it's the city of my father's birth, and I spent a magical year there. I also love the card to its left--the word "art" in the moon shape looks magical.