December 10, 2010

Vintage House ATCs

Had lots of fun with these. I admit I normally steer clear of paints .. mess and all ;-) but Rach has sent me a few paints lately so I was keen to see what I could create.

Darkroom Door Background Stamp (Weathered Stripes)
Darkroom Door Photo Stamp (Tree Line)
Darkroom Door Photobooth (Ladies & Hats)
Darkroom Door Wordstrips (Prague Vol2 & Paris Vol2)
Woodchip Houses
Ranger Crackle Accents
Viva Precious Metal (Golden Green & Crimson)
Viva Metal Effect (Gold)
Viva Croco Crackling Colour (Silver)

  1. Paint the houses with Green as the base and then add Crimson randomly. Once dry add a large dab of Gold with a sea-sponge and when almost dry, wipe away with a baby wipe. This creates a weathered appearance and allows the base to show through.
  2. Add Croco to random areas of of the house (don't cover it entirely).
  3. Cover Photobooths and Wordstrips with Crackle Accents.
  4. Stamp patterned paper with Weathered Stripes Background Stamp & Tree Lines Photo Stamp in brown ink.


Sarah Schwerin said...

These are great Michelle! Oh and I'm feeling you re: all the mess! LOL!!

Vicky said...

These look the texture & colours you used :) BTW, welcome to blogland :)

emilia said...

They are fabulous! I love the painting effects and color you combined.